Time is a finite resource that demands planning. For fitness and health enthusiasts it can be difficult to find the time or place to conduct a proper workout, but d2c6de4baee271027da389215fa6e51enever fear Holden Buckner has found three total body workouts that can be completed right at home. In the first of a three part series, Holden brings you a bodyweight workout from Kyle Railton, a Tough Mudder trainer.

This workout uses less than a half an hour per day and is great to do with a friend. Challenging aspects are outweighed by an overall achievable complete workout. Workouts will include a mix of running, push ups and pull ups to start.

Day 1- Run 400 meters, perform 20 push ups then rest for 5 minutes. Complete this circuit until a total of 30 minutes has been reached.

Day 2- Bear crawl (on all fours) for 100 yards then turn around and sprint back to your start line. Rest for one minute then continue until 30 minutes have been completed.

Day 3- Find a pull up bar and do 10 pullups, then immediately perform 15 air squats, then 20 sit ups. Complete this circuit 5 times total.

Day 4- Run a mile at your fastest pace, record the time for future comparison.

Day 5- Run 400 meters, perform 20 push ups, then 50 mountain climbers (on all fours, drive one knee to your chest alternating, in a pushup position). Rest for five minutes then repeat until 30 minutes have been completed.

Day 6- Sprint 100 years, lunge back to start, bear crawl 100 yards, jog back to start as a recovery then repeat the circuit until you have reached 30 minutes.

Day 7- Rest Day. Rest is important for every muscle and your state of mind to recover.

Find the full program here.

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