Although physical fitness does seem like it would be a daunting task to engage in on a regular basis, it is important to remember that there is a perfect routine for everyone that can meet their goals or needs. Finding a manageable, solid health routine to participate in on a day to day basis is an ideal way to improve your physical and mental states throughout this season.

Interval training
A huge concern for individuals who work out is the fear that the weight interval trainingthey have shed would eventually be gained at some point. To avoid gaining this weight back, it is absolutely essential to not only do cardio exercise for most of your workout, but also participate in some interval training for around fifteen to twenty minutes each day.

Interval training also allows you to burn as many calories as you would in the hour of traditional cardio workout or running. Not only does interval training not require any equipment, but it also allows you to get a lot of exercise in a short amount of time. In terms of health benefits, engaging in interval training also improves your cardiovascular health, while also regulating both your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Challenge yourself
Increasing your range of motion such as putting more weight while dead lifting or squatting deeper are great physical challenges to overcome to improve flexibility and healthy joints. Just like how important it is for you to warm up or learning how to maintain a steady breath during yoga, pushing yourself within reason during your workout is essential to increase muscle mass.

Another part of this process is to focus on your breath in order to be in tune with your body in a more relaxed light. The combination of these factors will guide you to also improve what is known as “range of motion.”

Stay hydrated
By far one of the most common tips given by health researchers and professionals, drinking water and staying hydrated helps to maximize physical performance. This is key, especially because water reduces stress during high-energy workouts and intensive exercises.

green teaGreen tea
Instead of taking supplements or daily vitamins, drinking all natural green tea boosts metabolism, has incredibly high doses of antioxidants, and helps people lose weight. One or two cups everyday has a long list of health benefits that will actually make you feel a lot better than taking supplements or vitamins.