Holden Buckner is a mergers and acquisitions professional and pilot in Austin, Texas. Holden’s health and wellness have always been an important complement to his work. Over the years, he has remained committed to his daily workout routine in order to stay healthy and happy for himself and his family.

When Holden Buckner was much younger he did not have to be as conscious about his diet. Working out used to mean pushing his limits as far as they would go, and he would try to get as strong as possible all while juggling life as a single parent. Now his daughter, Jasmine, has two children of her own, making Holden a proud grandfather. His son is currently doing basic training for the marines. Holden’s workout routine is now more focused on maintaining his health, range of motion, and mobility, so he can continue to be there for him family for years to come.

Holden Buckner started flying after watching Top Gun as a young man. During flight school, Holden quickly found that being a pilot required a sound mind and that keeping fit and allowed him the greatest concentration and attention on each flight. Flying requires incredible discipline and staying sharp helps him to be consistent and safe.

Holden keeps busy with work but always makes sure to find the time to get his daily workout in. During his life, his routines have evolved from a workout based on quantity and sheer weight to a workout based on all-around quality. He generally works out from 30 – 40 minutes a day, just long enough to be effective with the right movements and push himself out of his comfort zone.

The other piece to this puzzle is of course diet. Holden’s purpose when working out is ultimately to stay healthy, and diet is just as important as exercise in regards to that goal. When he allows himself to cheat his diet, he finds his workouts slip as well. The key to his philosophy is to create a consistent, virtuous cycle of healthy living.

Between his job and his flying, Holden is often traveling and has been doing so for years. When one travels often, their workouts needs to be flexible. Holden has experimented with a number of workouts but always ends up back at his quality body-weight workouts. It’s efficient and can be performed anywhere.

Holden believes in passing down what he learns and is now sharing his workouts with the world. This blog will contain tips and tricks he’s learned about working out, dieting, and staying consistent.